The mother of all lessons on Mother’s Day

It’s Mother’s Day tomorrow. In celebration of my mother and others I love, here’s a list of lessons I’ve learnt from the best in the business (you know who you are…)

  • Boiling the kettle? You only need to cover the element.
  • When it comes to bunting, flapjacks, Wendy houses, Care Bears, Sindy clothes and curtains: homemade is best.
  • Roulade, on the other hand? Go shop bought.
  • Shirts should be pegged under the arms.
  • Why have pancakes when you can have drop scones?
  • Nothing says ‘I love you’ like doing someones ironing.
  • Most recipes can be reduced to ‘a bit of this’ and ‘just what you think of that’.
  • Australia isn’t that far…
  • Neither is New Zeland.
  • Sharing a bed with your baby is bliss.
  • Friendships forged on two hours sleep never get tired.
  • Family* holidays are the best.
  • *Godparents, that includes you.
  • Pork fillet with homemade stuffing is Food of the Gods.
  • Lemon chicken is pretty good too.
  • Tell-to stories are better than any book.
  • Bailing your kids out – it’s a lifetime commitment.
  • Home-baking is the way to a child’s heart.
  • A handwritten letter always says more than an email.
  • It’s not just you. You are not imagining it.
  • Mummy’s boys: awesome.
  • The best gift you can give your child is a sibling.
  • Daughters. Wow.
  • Commune living is not just for hippies…
  • Cocktails on an empty stomach are no cause for judgement.
  • Grandmothers. Are. Superheros. They will save your life.
  • Godmothers and Aunties are pretty epic too.
  • Take aways make the best dinner parties.
  • Everyone loves The Tray Game.
  • Kids still need parents, even in their 30s…
  • If in doubt, hire a marquee.
  • It’s never too early for Diet Coke.
  • Chocolate sandwiches? You’re on your own. (Never acceptable, apparently. Who knew?)
  • Something will turn up.

But the most important lesson of all? We’re all in this together, ladies.



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