Depression Bingo. Dare you play?

Back when I was depressed the thing that surprised me most was how many people confessed they were wondering if they might be depressed too.

When you go to the doctor to talk about ‘feeling a bit down’ they get you to do a Depression Questionnaire – like one of those multiple-choice quizzes you get in magazines, only not as fun. Just check 9 easy tick boxes for your chance to win a prescription for legal drugs and a leaflet on ‘talking therapies’. #winning
While this questionnaire is useful, maybe you’re not ready to face the answers yet or talk to anyone official. If you’re anything like I was, you’ll be in denial and telling yourself you’re ‘just having a bad day’. Again. And ‘everyone feels like this sometimes*’ (*all the time).

In which case why not play Depression Bingo? This is not scientific, does not replace medical diagnosis and won’t bag you a supply of Happy Pills. It’s just my take on the signals that characterised depression for me, along with some thrown in by other sufferers.

So come on, play along. I dare you. Cross every box that relates to you – I’ve got my fingers crossed for you.

Are you….

Easily Overwhelmed
The school playground and parents evening are heart-racing territory
Teary every day
Mascara is a distant memory
Unable to make simple decisions
The supermarket cereal aisle is torture
Obsessing about the daily routine
Bedtime was my nemesis
Questioning your judgement
‘Is it just me?’ ‘Am I imagining this?’
Freaking out about socialising
No middle ground: you either hyper-schedule company or make like a hermit
Feeling disconnected
Loved ones and even – whisper it – your children feel distant
Sleepless or sleep crazy 24/7
Struggling with everyday admin
Signing forms, posting letters and reading emails never make it off the To Do list
Craving help 
Just leaving the house warrants a distress flare
Constantly wondering ‘am I depressed?
Trying the idea for size, perhaps?
Hearing a judgypants voice in your head
‘Not seeming yourself’ to family and friends
Feeling like the world is conspiring against you
Call me paranoid but…
Are you a winner at Depression Bingo? If so, maybe think about speaking to your doctor to claim your well-deserved prize – whether that’s exercising more, talking to someone who can help or going on medication.
Wishing you all the best and here’s hoping you feel champion again soon. xxxxxxx

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  1. Hi Jude

    This is brilliant. Thanks for sharing. I would not admit I was struggling when my son was born 16 years ago. I wish I had now. I had to seek help later on and took a long time to improve.

    The reason I set up mums and tots and later my language classes is to create a safe friendly place for parents to come together. Nice welcoming groups were a life saver for me when my children were younger and not so common either. Just chatting to another sleep deprived mum can it feel you’re not alone and that you can get through today.

    If you’re thinking you are depressed ask for help. The “got it all together mum” is probably just the same.

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