#LittleLoves; yawning, poetry and Bear Grylls

Regular readers will know it’s been a big week in our house. Our #NoSchoolNoPlan adventure has taken up most of our headspace, but thank goodness there have been lots of #LittleLoves to help us through.


The whole #NoSchoolNoPlan thang has meant we’ve had a lot of unexpected time with our son, so we’ve been doing lots of reading this week. Top of the pile has been I Dare You Not to Yawn, written by Helen Boudreu and illustrated by Serge Bloch, Candlewick Press.

Just try to resist this comical — and infectious — cautionary fable that will have even bedtime-avoiders gladly snuggling up for a nightly challenge.

Image result for I dare you not to yawn

I loved
The premise. I can’t believe no one has thought of it before! Kids resisting bed? Claiming they’re not tired? This book is your friend! You’ll all be yawning before you turn the first page.

The kids loved
The interaction. Holding in their own yawns? Funny. Watching mummy try to read through her 7th yawn? PJ-wetting hilarious.


I discovered Hollie McNish, the spoken word poet this week – just when I needed to most. What can I say? She says it better.

Wow! And if that wasn’t enough to inspire my next girl cursh, she gets even better. This one – Opposite Man – brought tears to my eyes for my very own Opposite Man, who was there for our son’s birth and delivered our daughter in the car park.


So, I’ve never really got the hang of ironing. I have high hopes that this recipe might mean I never have to. Hello Homemade Wrinkle Release Spray, where have you been all my life?

Wrinkle Release Spray


Very little. We decided the kids were watching too much TV last weekend so haven’t turned it on during daylight hours since Monday. (Torture, but that’s a blog post for another day.) Still, what they don’t know won’t hurt them…

We’ve sneaked in a few episodes of the new series of Suits after dark. If you haven’t already seen this US legal drama, it follows the cases of a pair of New York lawyers, only one of whom attended law school. Senior law partner at one of New York’s top law firms, Harvey Spectre, has to recruit an associate from Harvard Law School. By chance, he ends up hiring gifted college-dropout, Mike Ross, even though Mike never actually attended law school and relies on his photographic memory and quick wits to help him win cases.

The third series of this easy-watching and sexy office-politics show is still a winner, but I’m missing the dynamic between Harvey and Mike and the tension surrounding Mike’s dark Harvard secret. Another thing; have the writers forgotten about Mike’s amazing memory? Maybe he should give them a nudge: it was one of the most compelling parts of the first series.


No school uniform! Our first day on the #NoSchoolNoPlan adventure looked like this! As you can see, we’ve mainly been outdoors, getting scuffed, grass-stained and muddy! Hurray!

And finally

I don’t normally do quotes, but I do do Bear Grylls and these gems hit home this week;

“There is little faith involved in setting out on a journey where the destination is certain and every step in between has been mapped in detail. Bravery, trust, is about leaving camp in the dark, when we do not know the route ahead and cannot be certain we will ever return.”
Bear Grylls, A Survival Guide for Life

“Listen to the quiet voice inside. Intuition is the noise of the mind.”
― Bear GryllsMud, Sweat and TearsI hear your prayer, Bear.

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