#LittleLoves; Pertz Leggings, Ning Nang Nong and Next.

Welcome to this round-up of this week’s #LittleLoves

I read a blog post this week that made me chuck out half my wardrobe. No, really. I discovered a new blog called I Won’t Wear Sludge Brown and read a post Donna wrote about matching colours to skin tone. I’ve always wondered why some clothes make me look drab, no matter how nice they are on the hanger. Now I know!

I’m a ‘Clear’ so I should be wearing contrasting Jewel colours. God knows why my wardrobe was full of grey and taupe and, beige. No more! I filled 3 bin bags full of the murky sludge and wow it felt liberating! I’m sure rebuilding my capsule wardrobe with these beauties will feel even better…

Find out your colours here.

The doom of #GE2015 must have tipped me over the edge cos my neighbour found me cackling in the street, watching this on my phone the other day. Terrifying.


Bit left field, but we’ve made a big decision.
Regular readers will know we walked out of our son’s school a few weeks ago, never to return. #NoSchoolNoPlan was probably one of the scariest things we’ve ever done, but it also one of the best. Nothing like a drama to focus the mind! After a lot of soul-searching and research we’ve decided the best thing for our son would be to repeat Reception at a new school. As a tender August boy who’s young for his years, this feels like the most natural thing. We’ve found a school that focuses on outdoor play, with a Forest School, and has a lovely nurturing let-kids-be-kids vibe. I can’t wait for the fresh start!


So the 4-year-old fallen in love with poetry. Yay! You’d think I’d be pleased, right? Trouble is, I’m finding it really hard to find stuff that’s relatable, fun AND appropriate. We borrowed The Nation’s Favourite Children’s Poems Audio CD from the library but I’m keep finding myself skipping through tracks.

From the heartbreaking Timothy Winters, about a deprived child, to Roger McGough’s scary ‘First Day at School’ and ‘The Trouble With my Sister, by Brian Patten, which jokes about stealing and firing a gun to ‘Matilda, who told lies and was burned to death’, I’m staritng to question The Nation’s judgement. How can people think this stuff is suitable for children? It’s so out-of-touch and inappropriate!

Thanks goodness for ‘On the Ning Nang Nong’ by Spike Milligan. I’m so much more comfortable with nonsense. We’re playing it on loop.

Any poets or publishers who can point me in the direction of more uplifting, fun, relatable poetry for 4 year old would be really appreciated!

Following the wardrobe cull, I bought a gorgeous oversized Fringe Hobo bag from Next. Totally digging the tassel and the fact is big enough to hold my laptop; a must for blogging on the go! So I have no clothes, but at least I can hide behind my bag…

I was also lucky enough to be gifted a fab pair of leggings from Pertz – the perfect essential to start re-building my capsule wardrobe.

Pertz are designed by Caroline Hyde, inspired by her hunt to replace a perfect pair of leggings she loved and lost many years ago. They are handmade in the UK from material she sourced from Italy after a worldwide hunt to track down the perfect combination of fit and comfort. I love that they offer light support, muffin-top control, never get baggy at the knees, dry in 20 mins and have an SPF of 20. I also love the material – which has a slight sheen and feels like a second skin: clothes never cling to them in the wrong places. Check them out here.

And finally
The shortlist for the Brilliance in Blogging Awards 2015 was announced recently. I tried not to think about it this year following a big disappointment in 2014 when I reached the shortlist but not the final. Sob. BUT lots of my blogger friends are in the running. So if you fancy casting a vote, or just want to discover a some new great reads, these dudes are my pick of the shortlist;

Food; Taming Twins
Video: Brummy Mummy  You Tube channel 
Style: Life at the Little Wood
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Outstanding: Hurrah for Gin

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