#LittleLoves; birthday bunting, gold shoes and running wild

Little Loves

This week we’ve been reading Greedy Spider, Look at Me! – a beautifully illustrated modern morality tale that was gifted to us by the author, Gary Piper.

I loved;
The moral – stories with moral’s have fallen out of favour in traditional publishing so it was great to find a book that had some ‘meaning’ and depth for a change. The message; that greed never succeeds over true love and ‘hap-bee-ness’ was a great conversation starter.

The kids loved;
The wonderful illustrations by Debra Hodgson – the fantastically quirky trees of Yummy Mead were a particular fave. We spent so much time exploring the topsy turvy trees and glittering bugs on the inside cover, my kids know their funny names by heart!

Gary is a talented visionary, who has drawn on his experience of inventing, building, playing with and licensing toys in his day job as a Toy Inventor to create a fantastical story that will fire up the imaginations of any to 3- 5 year old. You can buy a copy here.



We’ve decided to turn the telly off for the summer (just on week days) so I haven’t watched much at all to be honest, unless watching the wildlings run wild counts? You can read more about our TV detox here. I’ve been so chuffed to hear that since reading the post, lots of friends have been inspired to try it for themselves. It’s not that hard, honest! And the smug factor makes it all worthwhile 😉

whipsnade running


I’ve been rocking my rose gold wedges this week, just cos I can. I know the fashion mags are all over Autumn/Winter 2015 and I’m tragically slow on the the uptake, but hey, that’s why I’m not a fashion blogger! These beauties are from Palmaira Sandals De Menorca – a brand I’ve been lusting after since spotting them all over the fashion blogs.


No wonder – many imitations of these shoes exist, but Palmaira Sandals De Menorca are made on the island of Menorca, using traditional methods and local village workers – so they come with an authentic seal of approval and the feel-good factor of an ethically honest product.

Ethics aside, they’re super comfortable too – that leather is baby soft – and easy to walk in cos of the wedge heel. The only downside so far is that I didn’t buy them earlier in the summer.

I’ve been trying to run more over the last few weeks, and sometimes music doesn’t quite cut through the pain. My antidote; podcasts. My latest discovery is Call Your Girlfriend – hosted by a feminist power-duo so achingly-hip and right-on, I’m glad I’ve never actually seen them. My eyes would likely freeze over in their reflected coolness. These girls are seriously well-read, funny and smart. I loved their take on Planned Parenthood, free bleedin’, and period feminism. I’m way to British and awkward to talk about his stuff, but in listening to them allows me to entertain the fantasy of what I might say if I did.

August is birthday season for my son. (Who says birthdays only last one day?!) God knows why but I made a vow back on his first birthday that I would always make his birthday cakes myself. I don’t even particularly enjoy baking, but I did enjoying seeing the look on his face when I presented him with this years’ effort

Inspiration for the cake came from party decorations I was gifted by Hello Party.

Check out this gorgeous bunting and poster I was sent to help celebrate Henry’s birthday! He was super chuffed to spot himself in print amongst his beloved dinosaurs and I was really chuffed with how the decorations gave our gathering a unique, personal feel. Cos frankly, I haven’t got the time or talent to recreate homemade Pinterest versions. Life’s too short to fluff a pom pom, right?

The posters have been relocated to Henry’s bedroom, so I have a feeling we’ll be enjoying them for a long time yet!


And finally

I’ve loved reading these blog posts recently. Maybe you will too?

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Laters, Little Lovers. x

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