How to move your child from a carseat to a booster seat safely

Carseats. Can’t live with them, can’t live without them

They’re total sleep saboteurs – king of the badly timed nap.

They’re always covered in suspect stains.

They spark at least one tantrum a day.

And they turn kids into planks.

Carseat illustration_opt-2

Still, what a mum to do? Never drive again? There’s only so many shopping bags you can hang off a buggy…

Don’t worry, there’s a light at the end of the long screamy tunnel. It’s booster seat-shaped.

Booster seats have had a lot of bad press recently. I’m sure you all saw the horrible footage urging us to ‘Bin the Booster’ –  showing a dummy on a booster cushion hitting its head on the side of the car as it slips free of the three-point seatbelt.

It definitely got me thinking. Booster cushions are marketed as the next step on from carseats but a bit of digging revealed current EU safety standards don’t require manufacturers to conduct tests for side collisions on these Group 2-3 seats. Perhaps this omission is the only reason they’re still allowed to be sold? Not good enough. I was ready to resign myself to carseat hell till the Small was a teenager.

But then Graco sent me a high-backed booster and I realised not all boosters are created equal. The Graco Affix Junior is just what we were looking for. A booster seat with benefits, if you will:

  • The adjustable Isocatch connectors secure the seat to the car
  • The side wings and headrest provide side-impact protection
  • The seat belt guides seat belt guides keep the seat belt positioned correctly
  • The padded seat and headrest support the Small when he falls asleep, stopping him from drooping sideways like a drunk (bless him)
  • The Integrated cup holder keeps his drink or snacks handy – less wriggling about trying to find things for him. Less lobbing things over my shoulder from the front seat for me. Everyone’s a winner!


We’re definitely converted. The high back booster feels grown-up for the Small, yet safe and reassuring enough for Mummy.

James, CEO of Good Egg Safety agrees ‘Good Egg Safety highly recommends the use of a high back booster for that extra vital protection. It will really make the difference.’ Phew!

Graco also sent me a Connext Junior booster cushion as comparison. While it does feature Isocatch connectors that provide a secure connection and keep the car seat firmly in place, we’ll be putting it in the loft until the Small is at least 12.

I HATE to preach, but I hope you do to.

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