Playing Dress Up


Ever feel like Disney ate your daughter? This poem came to me after one too many pink princess games with my 3 year old. Perhaps I was overthinking things, but for once couldn’t smile and nod along with the narrow beauty ideals, the helpless gender stereotypes, the emphasis on finding romance and the ruthless marketing of it all. What a killjoy, ahey? Anyway, hope you enjoy it.

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  1. I absolutely love this, I’ve listened to it twice already, so much to take in. Such an important subject too, speaking as the mother of a four-year-old girl! This is a conversation that I already have with her, and will continue to have. Thank you so much for sharing with #Prose4T x
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  2. FANTASTIC! I loved it from the start but it just got better and better. And that final line: “In the word there’s a clue, in syllables one and two: be you (tiful)” – just wonderful (sorry if i’ve written that out wrong). Such an important topic. I only have sons but I’m so aware of all the gender stereotyping and at least when my 3yo dresses up it’s as batman – he gets to be a complicated superhero not a bland princess. Love it. Thanks so much for sharing with #WhatImWriting
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  3. Brilliant poem, and I really enjoyed being able to sit back and just listen. I have a 7 year old daughter and I feel like I regularly talk to her about stereotyping and she’s really starting to understand and form her own opinions. I recently bought her some t-shirts, one has a quote by Amelia Earhart, one is of a girl in a science lab and the other of a girl on a space expedition – she loves them and I think she feels that is what she wants to be wearing. Disney is just make believe and should be enjoyed just for that. Thanks for sharing your fab poem, #whatimwriting

  4. I love this – the lyricism of your words really drew me in, and I completely agree with your message. It is so hard not to get hung up on the costumes that kids wear. My real bugbear at the moment is that superhero costumes for tiny boys are ‘enhanced’ with huge muscles – even Spiderman, who couldn’t get more geeky if he tried! It’s part of the reason I try to make his costumes if I can… He chose Luke Skywalker this Halloween, which I was happy to go with. Not least because it meant I got to be Leia. That’s my kind of princess… 😉

  5. What a lovely lilt these words have. I agree completely and as mother of three daughters the saccharine taste Disney leaves isn’t always welcome. I am comforted that pink princesses isn’t all they are interested in – they enjoy tree climbing, and science experiments too! I think they know there is more to life than appearances. #whatimwriting

  6. Great list to use as guide for girl inspiration!’What she stood for, what she said’ is my favourite line and I’ll be using this with my three growing girls. I also have the quote Be You ! over their mirror.
    Fab poem.

  7. Such an important subject put into such meaningful words. I really did love listening to this and I completely agree. So glad that my daughter has taken up football and karate but loves the ‘girl stuff’ too! Thank you for linking to Prose for Thought when Sara hosted and sorry for my delay in commenting x

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