About Me

about me

Hello! I’m Jude; writer, social media whizz, happily-married wife and wanna-be earth mother.

Err, what else?

My dream day would be all about:
Daydreaming with friends and family.
Wild-swimming somewhere beautiful.
Tea, coffee and wine on tap.
Pancakes for every meal.
An early night with a good book.

My nightmare day would be all about:
Driving on a motorway with a wasp or butterfly in the car.
On the way to a nightclub in the city.
Where I’m forced to eat McJunk food, down alcopops and shout at strangers all night.

‘Dreamcatching’ is a place to capture the dreamy and not-so-dreamy moments of motherhood, life and love – I hope it’ll make you laugh, nod in recognition and chill-out for a while. Come ye all, dream along!